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As a working mother with a demanding career, time is in short supply and trying to fit working out into an already busy life was extremely challenging. When I did manage to work out by myself I soon felt bored and was frustrated by the lack of progress.


Unique Personal Training style

By having set appointments with someone committed to help me reach my fitness goals I did not miss sessions. Training sessions with Eitan are varied and pitched perfectly to my fitness level and his unique Personal Training style is very encouraging and motivating.

He introduced me to Metabolic  Resistance Training (MRT) that produced noticeable results within one month.


The results

I now feel stronger, more energetic and really enjoy taking time for myself at the gym. Eitan’s guidance, advice and encouragement have been instrumental in achieving my fitness goal and therefore a great return on investment.


 "A Personal Trainer is not a needless luxury but a necessity if you want to reach your fitness goals."


















Besides working full-time as an IT professional I also study to keep up-to-date in my chosen work field. In my free time I work out at the gym focusing mainly on resistance and cardio trainings.   After I injured my shoulder last year (frozen shoulder), I just couldn’t work out without getting more injured. My physiotherapist advised my to hire a professional Personal Trainer in order to avoid more injuries.


Noticeable results

I am now working out with Eitan for more than a year and the results are really noticeable. I am much more energetic and my muscle percentage has increased. And most importantly, no more injuries and a pain free shoulder!


A pain-free shoulder

The workouts with Eitan are highly personalised. He takes my weak shoulder into consideration and finds different strategies to provide me with a good work out without injuring or overtaxing my shoulder.  Our workout schedule changes on a monthly basis which is very nice and challenging as it stimulates different muscle groups and keeps my workouts interesting.


 "I am much more energetic and my muscle percentage has increased. Most importantly, no more injuries and a pain free shoulder!"


















As an investment risk officer my job is very stressful and the demand is immense. As a result I found myself piling on the pounds, after years of maintaining a healthy lifestyle; my job was slowly threatening my health. Under the professional guidance of Eitan, I have made great progress and the definition and tone I lost is now returning.


Working out safely

I suffer from chondromalacia patella (runner’s knees) in my left knee from years of running and scoliosis (curvature in the spine) in my lower back. These complications did not perturb Eitan, his knowledge and creative workouts have proven to be both strengthening and beneficial to my overall health.


Fitness goal achieved!

Eitan is an excellent Personal Trainer with a wealth of knowledge, very personable and extremely flexible. I highly recommend Eitan because I have reached my fitness goals in spite of my injuries.


 "Eitan is an excellent Personal Trainer with a        wealth of knowledge, personable and extremely flexible."


















I decided to take lessons with Eitan about 4 months ago, when I finally had to admit that I did not get any results by continuing with my usual routine. Not only did I not loose weight, it seemed that I was gaining. It was obvious that something was not working, even though I stubbornly told myself “I know it all myself: isn’t it obvious: you eat less, you exercise more?”


A tailor-made workout

As soon as I started working out with Eitan I realised that I used to skip classes when I needed to finish something at work. In addition, the fitness classes barely made me feel like I had a great workout and whether the lesson were at the right level for me was a big question. I also realised that I was eating way too much sugar.


Return on investment

On top of great nutritional advice, a personalised workout that is perfectly suited to my level of fitness, Eitan also ensures that I do finish all the exercises and is continuously motivating.  His Metabolic Resistance Training really works: I cannot remember being in such a great shape!

I have achieved my goal: 6 kilos less and very fit in 4 months! I am now ready for the next challenge: to keep this shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle. No turning back for me now!



 "This is the best investment I have made this year: investment in my health and happiness. Thanks, Eitan!"


















Sport is and has been an important part of my life for about 25 years. It helps me to relax mentally and stay in shape physically.

About one year ago I met Eitan at Club Sportive who approached me when he noticed that I performed an exercise incorrectly which put me at risk of contracting back pain. Knowing that my lower back was a weak spot I listened to his advice to engage in ‘core training’ that specifically targets back pain.


No more back pain

Even though I was experienced and thought that I knew everything there is to know in the world of fitness, I gave him the benefit of the doubt and started training sessions with Eitan to great satisfaction! After successfully addressing my back pains by means of core training we now focus on lowering my fat percentage and bodyshaping.


Highly recommended

Eitan sets himself apart from other PT’s by the following:

Expertise: By applying his immense knowledge and experience Eitan can quickly facilitate tangible results

Creativity: Eitan constantly strives to come up with new and varied workouts which are challenging and target new muscle groups.

Likeability: Eitan is very sociable and likeable which makes sessions enjoyable to the point that you go beyond your limits almost without being aware of it.



 "Eitan sets himself apart from other Personal Trainers for three reasons: expertise, creativity and likeability."