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Fitness is coming home

Working out where you want

Hiring a Personal trainer means that you work out when you want but not where you want. With the 'Fitness is coming home' promotion Eitan will come to your home, work place or nearby park whichever is convenient for you.



6th lesson free

Not only do you get to work out where and when you want, you also get the 6th lesson for free.





- work out where and whenever you want

- no gym membership required

- save time and travelling costs

- no bulky equipment required

- work out in the safety and comfort of your own home


Contact Eitan for further information or to book "Fitness is coming home" sessions.

All that you can train

Work out as much as you'd like

Take as many Smart Personal Training with Eitan as you'd like within one month and get fit like never before.


You only pay for 10 Smart Personal Training sessions (65 Euro per session) but are able to take an unlimited number of training sessions. (*)



Achieve your fitness goal fast

Sometimes you want to see results fast. If you don't want to spend months in the gym to get there then this promotion is definitely for you.




- achieve your fitness goal quickly

- safe money and time



Contact Eitan for further information or to book "All that you can train" sessions.