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    What is functional training?

    In general, functional training refers to training that is non-sport specific, but that helps you function more effectively in your everyday life. This includes basic tasks like e.g. carrying heavy groceries or carrying a sleeping child up the stairs.


    Elements of functional training

    During a functional training workout you will focus on three main types of exercise:


    • Strength

    • Cardio

    • Flexibility


    During the strength part of your training you will focus on developing muscle strength and movement that will allow you to e.g. lift and carry things, climb stairs, even get in and out of the car more easily in your everyday life- and all without bulking up like Arnold!


    Including a cardio workout in your functional training programme will address any lack of stamina that stems from living super-convenient, sedentary lives. Cardio training helps you develop the stamina to stay on your feet longer or keep on working longer. This will be helpful whether you are sightseeing on holiday or moving house.


    Last but by no means least you will focus on developing and maintaining flexibility, which is an often overlooked component of an effective workout. Flexibility refers to your ability to move a joint through its full range of motion, and is developed by regularly stretching, or doing activities like yoga or Pilates. The functional benefits of flexibility training are potentially huge - as we age, we tend to lose flexibility, making it harder to bend and reach for things. Improving your flexibility will help you to move easier with less pain.


    Your Personal Trainer can put together a powerful functional training programme suited to your unique requirements and abilities that includes all of those three elements so that you can function more efficiently and live a more enjoyably and pain free life.


Functional Training