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about eitan

  • Who is Eitan?

    Eitan is an experienced and certified Health & Fitness Personal Trainer and founder/owner of Eitanfit.


    Having always led a very active lifestyle including running, Judo, playing basketball and exercising both in- and outdoors, he's convinced about the value of exercising and living a healthy lifestyle.


    Eitan is experienced, very positive, empathetic, knowledgeable and passionate about helping his clients reach their fitness goals.


    He firmly believes that everyone, with the right guidance, can attain the body shape they want, be young at heart and mind regardless of age, gender or physical (dis)abilities.

  • Eitan's qualifications

    • Personal Training diploma from Wingate Institute

    • Holmes Place academy:

         -Posture-, core- and functional training

         -Training with injuries

         -Training with diseases


    • Naturopathy

    • Reflexology

    • Massage

  • Why choose Eitan as your Personal Trainer?

    Choose Eitan as your Smart Personal Trainer and benefit from his years of experience of motivating, coaching and helping clients attain the body shape and fitness level they wanted!

    For a free consultation contact Eitan today!

    • experienced

    • 100% committed

    • flexible

    • motivating

    • professional

    • knowledgeable

  • Where and when?

    Your Personal Training sessions can take place at:


    • the gym (*)

    • at home

    • your local park


    Including sessions with the unique FLOWIN concept system for a total body workout and transformation. This is your workout so you decide when and where! For a free consultation please contact Eitan per mail or

    phone 06-45 77 51 50.


      (*)currently at Club Sportive WTC Zuidas, Amsterdam)

  • Programmes

    Choose the programme that best suits your needs:


    • One-on-one training

    • group sessions

    • in-company sessions

    Whether you choose for one-on-one, group or in-company sessions, the quality and passion to help you reach your fitness goal is assured.For a free consultation please contact Eitan per mail or phone 06-45 77 51 50.